Sheet Metal Fabrications


CNC Punch Presses

Our highly accurate CNC (Computer Numerical Control) punch presses are able to produce repeatable and high quality profiled flat pattern blanks. With enhanced tooling features such as hinge, louvre and forming available our sheet metal fabrication capability is limitless.

In some cases CNC punching may offer a more viable and cost-effective alternative to laser profiling.

A computer e-controller reads G-code instructions and drives a machine tool. Which is a powered mechanical device typically used to fabricate components by the selective removal of material.

The operating parameters of the CNC can be altered via software load programme.  A CNC machine can be programmed to perform many kinds of machining operations. Additionally, a series of CNC machines can be combined into one station to progressively machine a part that requires several operations.

CNC punching machines have lower capital cost than lasers, they use less power and dont require cutting gases. Therefore we are able to pass the savings onto you.  Punching can also produce a large number of similar holes or slots much faster, and not all jobs require the fine edge finish of a laser.

Our CNC machines are controlled directly from CAM software, enabling a part or assembly to go direct from design to manufacturing without the need for a draft paper drawing.  Our products then move through the production line to bending. CNC Bending is a commonly used and cost effective manufacturing method which enables us to process sheet metal.  Bending machines are typically either a Press Brake or Swing Bending.

Our CNC Bending presses offer versatility and a variable volume, this ensures every bend is consistent and accurate.  This accuracy, combined with the precision from laser cut components and the speed from punching, means we are highly capable of large volume fabrication.

Welding is usually the last part of the process, if needed.  You, as customers, can have complete confidence in our experienced and expert team with over 30 years in the industry.  Similarly, our welding department has a wide array of equipment, which allows us to produce a range of welding techniques thats helps to achieve the finish you desire on any product.  From powder-coating to highly mirrored finishes we can do it all and achieve the high standards that are required by our customers.


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