The Magic Garden, Hampton Court

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July 13, 2017

The Magic Garden, Hampton Court

  • TaskThe Magic Garden


As a company we were heavily involved in the design and development of not only the structural steels required to complete the six main towers which form the basis of this development but also the vast majority of the remaining metal fabrications.

Each tower of bespoke design were fabricated in our large workshop in Sawbridgeworth and transported to site for us to erect onto prepared foundations.

Fleure-de-lis patterned perforated panels manufactured for the Battle Tower.

Spiral staircases to the Battles Tower and Lost Tower which in certain instances the main core column had to inclined at three degrees while maintaining level treads and balustrade spindles at three degrees.

External helical staircases were required for the King and Queen Towers while the Discovery Tower had an internal helical stair.

Special crowning tops were fabricated for the King, Queen and Discovery Towers which were either stainless perforated curved segments to galvanized radial strips which formed a three dimension spherical spirograph design.

We were also tasked with manufacturing the Mound Crown which incorporated  double curved legs spaced apart by 100mm and rotating around the centre to form the crown. Along with varying angled hoops passing through the legs and fine mesh infill’s at high level. All topped off with  longitude and latitude rings forming a globe.

High level and low level curved on plan walkways each supported on two mid span structural crossed lances forming a tripod support. Perforated balustrade panels forming the faceted infill’s.

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