Architectural Metalwork


The demand for our architectural intelligence

Originally Cheshunt Fabrications started off as a sheet metal workshop but as time progressed there soon became a demand in architectural work therefore in order to adapt to this, we had to invest in new technology for heavier materials.

We offer a full design, fabrication and installation service on all types of architectural construction both internally and externally.

We currently own various saws and CNC plasma cutters, in house, capable of cutting heavy steel beams. The CNC machine benefits the company greatly and we no longer need to mark dot and drill when holes are required, as our CNC plasma does it all.

Along with higher amperage welding machines – Mig and Tig – our qualified coded welders are able to achieve impecable structural welds suitable to your specifications and certification.

CFL specialises in structural support beams for redeveloped or new build houses, gates and railings, fire escapes, stair cases, handrails and balustrades.

If you are interested in our staircases, CFL would recommend using our in house designed anti slip flooring, which would prevent falls and accidents even when the floor is wet.

With our many years of experience we can help meet the aesthetic, economic and functional requirements for both the general and architectural requirements of your building project.


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